[ad_1] Aluminum Fence Installation- Wilmington, NC An aluminum fence is a beautiful choice. It has a sleek appearance, is maintenance-free and offers unsurpassed durability. Aluminum fences last for up to 50 years, which is what most property owners love. If you too have made the choice for aluminum fence installation, call us today at Cape […]

[ad_1] Vinyl Fence Installation- Wilmington, NC Vinyl fences are durable and often come with excellent warranties. Vinyl fences can be maintained easily and are a great choice for any property. They are strong, durable, flexible and look great. They can also last longer than their wooden and chain-link counterparts. If vinyl fence installation is what […]

[ad_1] Affordable Fence Installation- Wilmington, NC The longest lasting fences are made of redwood, cedar and pressure-treated pine. If made from turnout-resistant wood, a fence can last for around 20 years. Posts are the most likely to be destroyed, while panels last longer as they don’t touch ground. The fence must be able to withstand […]

[ad_1] Affordable Fence Company- Wilmington, NC Treated pine is the most cost-effective and durable option. Redwood and teak are the most expensive woods for fencing. Cedar is generally more expensive than redwood and teak. Vinyl wrought iron and brick, or stone fencing are the costliest. If you want to put up a fence around your […]

[ad_1] Best Fence Company- Wilmington, NC A new fence can be installed for a relatively low cost. A vinyl fence is cheaper than wood although wood as a material is generally cheaper. Vinyl fences are typically between $2-$6 per picket. Wood can range from $2-10 per picket. I you are interested in putting up a […]

[ad_1] Fence Repair- Wilmington, NC If you notice holes all around your fence, or if it seems shoddy or weak, you may have termites. A pest control professional or fencing specialist can diagnose the problem. They will also offer suggestions to protect your home and the rest your fence. If your fence is damaged in […]

[ad_1] Privacy Fence Installation- Wilmington, NC Although no yard can be considered soundproof, privacy fencing can reduce unwanted noises. A privacy fence can act as a buffer against environmental noise. Privacy fencing can reduce traffic, noises from lawn equipment and other nuisance sounds. At Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication, LLC we can provide you with […]

[ad_1] Chain-link Fence Installation- Wilmington, NC A chain-link fence can be installed in as little as a day, depending on its location. Of the many fencing options, chain-link fencing is one of the most affordable options. This is a type of fence that consists of a metallic chain-link fabric, which attaches to a series of […]

[ad_1] Fence Installation- Wilmington, NC To calculate how much fencing you need, divide the perimeter by the size of the fence panels you want to purchase. The typical panel size is six to eight feet. This will calculate the amount of fencing you will need. To avoid making the wrong calculations or buying the wrong […]