Bahama Shutters Window Treatments

Protect Your Home From Sudden Storms with Our Custom Aluminum Bahama Shutter Window Treatments

Bahama Shutters


Bahama shutters attach to an exterior window at the top, and swing outwards from a hinge to provide privacy and shade. These popular, stylish window treatments are the perfect way to protect your windows and brighten up your home or business.

Bahama Shutters are a type of hurricane shutters that are commonly used in tropical areas and vacation properties.

Cape Fear Fence provides aluminum Bahama shutters in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. If you need storm shutter installation services Wilmington, Leland, or Cape Fear, just give us a call.

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Benefits of Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters, also called Bermuda shutters, can easily be adjusted to control how much light and air enters a room. Simply adjust them to the desired angle and leave them propped open until you decide to close them. Some other benefits of Bahama shutters include:

  • Can be quickly closed to protect against storms
  • Help you conserve energy and save money on your utilities  
  • Provide privacy and dampen unwanted sounds

Bahama shutters are perfect for climates that receive long periods of intense sunlight. This is doubtlessly why they are so popular in hot, humid areas like the Cape Fear region!

Why We Install Aluminum Bahama Shutters

Aluminum Bahama shutters are light, strong, and less expensive than wood or vinyl shutters. They require very little maintenance, and are able to withstand saltwater and other elements. With over 20 years of fence and shutter installation experience, we are confident that our aluminum storm shutters are the best choice for your home.

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