Wood Fencing

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Wood Fencing


We offer a lot of fence options at Cape Fear Fence (like metal and vinyl fences), but nothing beats the authenticity and texture of a genuine wooden fence. If you’re considering installing a wooden fence in your Wilmington, Topsail, Oak Island, Leland, Boiling Spring Lakes, Southport, Holden Beach, or Ocean Isle home, get in touch with us today.

Custom Fences Made From Real, High-Quality Wood

We strive to build wooden fences that function well, stand up to the elements, and last for years to come. We never slouch on materials—we always use the best quality wood on the market, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best pine, spruce, fir, or cedar fence available.

Not Sure Which to Choose? Here Are Some of Our Most Popular Wood Fence Options:

  • Pine – Affordable; durable; an American classic
  • Spruce – Pressure-treated; tough; perfect for picket fences
  • Fir – Pressure-treated; insect-deterring
  • Cedar – Beautiful aesthetic; unique pleasant smell; insect-deterring

Not sure which to choose? Reach out to us, and our wood fence contractors will help you build a fence that works well, remain durable, and looks great.

Vinyl Fencing: Get The Look of Wood Without the Cost

Although genuine wooden fences are beautiful and classic, they can be expensive, and require a significant amount of upkeep. If you want the look of a wooden fence at a lower price point, consider a vinyl fence, which can be a great alternative for several reasons.

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