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Elevate your property’s security and curb appeal with Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC. Our expert fence contractor crafts durable, stylish fences tailored to Magnolia Greens and Leland’s unique charm.

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About Cape Fear Fence and Fabrication LLC

At Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC, we’re more than fence contractors; we’re creators of security and beauty. With roots deep in Magnolia Greens, we understand the unique needs of our community. Our commitment goes beyond durability; it’s about enhancing the character of homes and businesses in Leland. From classic to contemporary, our fences tell stories. We pride ourselves on quality, reliability, and a passion for perfection. Choose us for fences that stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

“At Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication, we believe every fence is a promise—of security, aesthetics, and enduring quality. Our craft is not just about erecting barriers; it’s about building trust, one fence at a time.”- Triston James, Founder.

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Explore our standout fencing projects in Magnolia Greens, showcasing innovation, durability, and the transformative impact on residential and commercial spaces.

Why Choose Us

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Craftsmanship Expertise

Our seasoned team brings unparalleled skill, ensuring your fence reflects quality, precision, and enduring appeal in Magnolia Greens.


Local Dedication

As Magnolia Greens locals, we're invested in community satisfaction, offering personalized service and understanding the unique aesthetic and security needs of Leland residents.


Innovation in Design

Choose us for forward-thinking design solutions that not only secure your property but also elevate its visual charm, setting it apart in Magnolia Greens.

Services We Offer:

New Fence Installation in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Ever wondered how to strike the perfect balance between fortifying your property and enhancing its visual appeal? In Magnolia Greens, where first impressions matter, our new fence installations address the challenge of defining your property with finesse. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC transforms your vision into reality, offering bespoke fences that seamlessly integrate style and strength. Our expert team meticulously plans and installs fences tailored to the unique charm of Magnolia Greens, ensuring your Leland residence stands out in both security and aesthetics.

Wood Fencing in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Yearning for the classic charm of wood without compromising on durability? Magnolia Greens residents often grapple with the challenge of finding wood fencing that withstands the test of time. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC is your solution, mastering the art of crafting wooden fences that marry timeless aesthetics with long-lasting durability. Our commitment extends beyond the initial installation, providing Magnolia Greens and Leland homeowners with fencing that ages gracefully, preserving the warm and inviting character of wood.

Vinyl Fencing in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Seeking a fencing solution that combines enduring beauty with minimal upkeep? Magnolia Greens homeowners frequently face the dilemma of maintaining traditional materials. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC introduces vinyl fencing solutions designed to tackle the common struggle of deteriorating aesthetics. Our vinyl fences offer a fresh, modern look that withstands the elements, providing Magnolia Greens and Leland residents with a low-maintenance option that never compromises on style.

Privacy Fencing in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

If you're looking for added privacy for your home or business, our privacy fencing options are the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your property.

Custom Handrails in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Balancing safety and aesthetics can be a challenge for outdoor spaces. In Magnolia Greens, residents often seek solutions that enhance safety without compromising visual appeal. Our custom handrails and AC enclosures address this common concern, providing functional and stylish solutions that blend seamlessly with the overall design of your Leland home. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC transforms your safety needs into visually pleasing additions, ensuring your outdoor spaces are both secure and inviting.

Ac Enclosures in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Protect your AC unit from the elements and enhance the look of your property with our AC enclosures. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design and install an enclosure that meets your needs and preferences.

Bahama Shutters in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

How do you safeguard your home from hurricanes without sacrificing its unique style? Magnolia Greens residents often grapple with this dilemma, seeking hurricane protection solutions that seamlessly integrate with their home's design. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC offers Bahama shutters and custom gates that provide the perfect marriage of functionality and elegance. Protect your Leland home with flair, ensuring it remains both secure and visually striking during storm seasons.

Custom Gates in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Ever wondered how to enhance security without compromising the professional image of your commercial property in Magnolia Greens? Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC provides the answer with our custom gates tailored for commercial properties. We understand the challenge businesses face in finding gates that offer both security and a welcoming aesthetic. Our expertise lies in crafting gates that not only provide robust security solutions but also contribute to the overall professional image of your Magnolia Greens commercial property. Elevate your establishment's curb appeal while ensuring top-notch security with our custom gate solutions.

Metal Fencing in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Worried about finding a metal fencing solution that combines security with modern elegance? In Magnolia Greens, residents often face the challenge of sourcing metal fences that not only fortify their property but also add a touch of contemporary style. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC specializes in crafting metal fences that address this need, ensuring your Magnolia Greens residence stands out with both strength and sophistication. Elevate your Leland property with our expertly designed and installed metal fencing.

Ornamental Fencing in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Longing for fencing solutions that exude sophistication and intricate design? Magnolia Greens homeowners often seek ornamental options that elevate the visual appeal of their properties. Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC offers ornamental fencing and ornamental steel services that cater to this desire, providing Magnolia Greens residents with fences that are not just functional but also works of art. Transform your Leland property into a statement of elegance with our meticulously crafted ornamental fencing solutions.

Our Process


Discuss your vision, needs, and preferences with our experts to tailor a fencing solution that perfectly suits your requirements.

Design and Approval

Collaborate on a customized design, ensuring it aligns with your aesthetic and functional expectations. Approve the final blueprint.

Expert Installation

Witness your vision come to life as our skilled craftsmen expertly install your bespoke fence, combining precision and quality.

Areas We Serve

Securing Excellence Across Magnolia Greens, Leland, and Beyond


We provide a diverse range, including wood, vinyl, metal, and ornamental options. Each tailored to meet your specific needs in Magnolia Greens.

Absolutely! Our team excels in crafting bespoke fencing solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse layouts and preferences in Leland.

We use high-quality materials designed to withstand coastal conditions, offering durable and weather-resistant fencing solutions for properties in Wilmington.

Yes, our expertise extends to both residential and commercial sectors, delivering tailored fencing solutions that prioritize security, aesthetics, and functionality.

Transform Your Space with Expert Fencing Solutions in Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC

Elevate the security and aesthetics of your property in the vibrant community of Magnolia Greens, strategically located in Leland, NC. Our tailored fencing solutions cater to the unique needs of this thriving region, where the population enjoys a welcoming and close-knit community atmosphere. With coordinates 34.2521° N latitude and 78.0440° W longitude, Magnolia Greens is not just a location; it’s a vibrant community seeking fencing solutions that blend seamlessly with its character.

As your dedicated Residential and Commercial Fence Contractors, we take pride in enhancing Magnolia Greens’ charm. Our high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure durability, combating the coastal challenges of Wilmington. Whether it’s the classic touch of wood or the modern elegance of metal fencing, we offer bespoke solutions that resonate with the diverse preferences of Magnolia Greens residents.

Engaging with Cape Fear Fence & Fabrication LLC means more than securing your property—it’s about transforming your space into a statement of style and safety. Join our satisfied clientele in Magnolia Greens and Leland, experiencing the benefits of fences that not only protect but also elevate the visual appeal of your home or business. Take the next step and connect with us to embark on a journey of securing and enhancing your property in Magnolia Greens, Leland, and beyond.

Coordinates: 34.2521° N, 78.0440° W Population Count: Embrace the sense of community in Magnolia Greens, home to a thriving population that appreciates the value of security and style in their residential and commercial spaces.

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