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Wilmington Wood Fence Contractor

If you’re looking for a Wilmington Wood Fence Contractor, contact Cape Fear Fence. Our professional fence installers can build a sturdy, reliable wooden fence you can count on. To schedule an appointment for a free fence installation estimate, click here.

Our Superior Wooden Fence Materials

The strength and reliability of your wooden fence hinges entirely on materials used. We’ve written a bit about our most popular wooden fence materials in our blog, which you may want to check out if you’re still considering your options. Generally, the best wood for a wooden fence is pressure-treated pine, or western red cedar, both of which have unique advantages and disadvantages. 

Whichever wood fence material you choose, Cape Fear Fence will use high-grade, solid wood materials that, with proper upkeep, should last you for years to come. By using an expert fence contractor like Cape Fear Fence, you can expect your wooden fence to last around 15 years or more in the Wilmington area.

Additional Wooden Fence Services 

Staining helps prolong the life of your wooden fence by protecting against ultraviolet rays and moisture. It also ensures that the wood keeps its bold color. For our typical western red cedar fences, we recommend re-staining your fence every couple of years, which is much less expensive than having to replace your entire fence. Painting is another option which will help your fence resist insect damage and mold, and add a more polished aesthetic to your property. To learn more about our wooden fence staining and painting services, call us today.

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If you live in the Wilmington NC, Leland, or Cape Fear area, and are interested in learning how much a wood fence installation may cost you, call us today for a free estimate. Our contractors are ready to install a classic wood fence that you and your family can count on.

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