Top Reasons to Place a Fence Around Your Pool, According to Our Leland Fence Builder

NC pool codes require that all below-ground swimming pools, both public and private, be surrounded by fencing that is at least four feet tall. However , aside from the fact that it will keep you in compliance with local and state pool regulations, there are many more great reasons to put a custom fence around your pool. Here are just a few from Cape Fear Fence company.

Protect People from Falling In

Of course, the biggest reason to have a fence around your pool, and the reason it’s a state requirement, is safety. In the United States, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children aged 1-14, according to the World Health Organization. Having a fence around your pool protects your pets, kids, and other family members from accidentally falling in when you’re not around to supervise.

Prevent Loitering and Trespassing

Lots of teenagers, kids, and even adults who ought to know better think it’s fun to take a dip in someone’s private pool while the owner is away. Not only is this irritating for a variety of reasons, it also puts the trespassers at risk for drowning or injury. A custom wooden or metal fence around your pool can help keep neighborhood kids and other loiterers out of your pool.

Gain Privacy for You & Your Family  

Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where people are safe from prying eyes. If your teenage daughter is relaxing at the pool in her bathing suit, a custom fence can let her relax without fear of being observed. A custom privacy fence allows you and your family members to live your lives without any unwanted nosiness!

Beautify Your Property

Many metal, wooden, and vinyl pool fences are very aesthetically pleasing, and can add style and class to your yard while providing all of the above benefits. With so many ornamental fence styles, colors, and materials to choose from, there is sure to be a fence to suit your needs.

Get Custom Pool Fencing from Cape Fear Fence!

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