Top Reasons to Fence in Your Dog with a Custom Leland Fence! 

If you have a dog, or are considering getting one, placing a fence around your property can give you significant peace of mind. A fence can provide a place for your dog for exercise and play while staying safe from traffic, animals, and passerby. Below are some of the top reasons why fencing in your dog is a good idea!

Protect Your Dog from Others

A dog that is contained by a real (meaning, not electric or “invisible”) fence is protected from all sorts of hazards, like stray dogs and cats, cars, unruly kids, and unscrupulous adults. Remember that while an invisible fence might prevent your dog from leaving the property, other people and animals can see, and approach it, just fine. Don’t risk letting your dog get stolen or hurt—protect it with a wooden, vinyl or metal fence!

Protect Others from Your Dog

Even the sweetest dog in the world can become aggressive if frightened, far from home, or caught off guard. Should your dog bite a neighbor or attack another dog, you might find yourself on the other end of a lawsuit, and your dog could even be put down. A fence keeps your dog safe behind solid walls, and out of your neighbors’ flower beds! 

Improve Your Dog’s Health

If the only exercise your dog gets is a 15-minute walk per day, it’s bound to be overexcited and possibly even destructive the rest of the time. A backyard fence lets your dog breathe in the fresh air and get rid of all that excess energy—which keeps him happier and keeps your home nicer! A fenced-in yard also means you can go about cleaning or other household duties without having to provide supervision or worrying about messes. 

Get Peace of Mind with a Custom Leland Fence! 

All in all, installing a backyard fence in Leland will help lower your stress levels for the long term. Having to tracking down your dog every night when it’s time to go to bed; getting into arguments with fed-up neighbors, and paying expensive vet bills after your dog gets attacked (or does the attacking), are all events you can avoid by having a fenced-in yard If you’re looking for a fence installation, repair or replacement in Wilmington or Leland, call Cape Fear Fence today to schedule a free estimate.