Should I Repair or Replace My Fence? Ask Our Cape Fear Fence Installer

If your fence is looking rough around the edges or has been damaged in a recent storm, you may be wondering whether to repair or replace it. Here, we will discuss common problems in wood, aluminum, and vinyl fences, and whether those problems warrant a simple repair or total fence replacement.

Wooden Fence Repair

Wood is valued as a fence material because of its authentic, natural appearance and feel. However, wooden fences can sustain significant damage from insects, moisture, the elements, and other factors. Some wooden fence issues can be fixed by altering the environment; for instance, by applying insecticide or redirecting a pool of water. But if your fence is warping, splintering, rotting, or disintegrating due to insect damage, the boards should probably be replaced instead of repaired. Repairs do not fix the fence’s structural integrity and can look unattractive if the fence is not painted.

Bear in mind that although you can patch small cracks and holes with wood filler or putty, the repairs will be visible and can make your fence look unattractive.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl is generally the most maintenance-free fencing option. The PVC polymer can’t be pierced as easily by insects, dogs, children, and storms, and is also very easy to hose off. However, vinyl fences can still crack if subjected to the weight of heavy winter snows, or hit by a vehicle or other large object. If you see a crack in one of your vinyl fence panels, the entire section will have to be replaced to maintain the fence’s aesthetic appearance and structural integrity.

Aluminum Fence Repair

Aluminum fences are generally rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Unlike other metals, aluminum can last for years with very little upkeep. However, shifting soil can eventually loosen fence posts over time, and will need to be steadied with some backfill of either soil or gravel. Other than that issue, the only time an aluminum fence will need to be repaired or replaced is if a vehicle backs into it.

Need a Cape Fear Fence Repair or Replacement?

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