Should I Paint or Stain My Fence? Ask Our Cape Fear Fence Installer

When you’ve finished your fence installation, you have three basic options: Painting it, staining it, or leaving the natural wood exposed. Below are the benefits and drawbacks of each option so that you can decide which one is the best for you.

Fence Painting

The main advantage of painting your fence is that you can choose virtually any color. You can choose the traditional “white picket fence” route, or choose a color that complements the rest of your home. However, paint requires a lot of maintenance. Wind, rain, and snow will cause it to crack and peel, and sunlight will bleach it over time.

Fence Painting Alternative: Vinyl

If you do decide to go ahead and paint your fence, you can expect to have to repaint it every 1-3 years. This will require that you scrape off all of the existing paint, prep the surface for new paint, and then finally repaint it. It is a lot of work and a lot of time, and over time the painting and repainting costs will add up. If you want a white fence that stays white with far less effort, we recommend purchasing a white vinyl fence, as vinyl will only need to be cleaned once in a while.

Fence Staining

Staining requires much less maintenance than paint. It may have a higher cost initially, but you will not need to re-stain over and over again, saving you money in the long run. Staining does fade over time, but not as quickly or frequently as paint. A good power wash or washing with a deck cleaner will give you a clean slate to work with before re-staining, without all the scraping and peeling.

Keeping it Natural

Of course, instead of staining or painting your fence, you can simply leave the wood bare as it is. While the elements will likely take a toll on the fence over time, quality wood will last for a long time even if it is left to the weather. The rustic, weathered look is popular these days, especially the look of white cedar, which ages to a beautiful, silvery gray. If you ever decide that you’d rather have a “new” look, pressure washing can bring it back to life.

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