Painting vs Staining Your Fence Near the Carolina Coast

When looking for a wooden fence installer near me, the question of painting or staining my fence comes to mind. The Carolina Beach wood fence installer can handle the fence if it’s new or old. We can install a new fence or give some tender love and care to an existing fence. Whether to stain or paint all depends on the goals of the customer. The style of the homeowner and how long the condition lasts matter. This article will help break down the pros and cons of this decision.

Condition Over Time

Painting will only last a few years before it fades and needs to be redone. A Carolina Beach wood fence installer can handle repainting. Another thing to keep in mind is that some wood is not paint-friendly, which will need repainting sooner. Paint is oil-based and could weaken the durability of the fence. Paint sits on top of the wood so insects, sun and mold can still get to the fence. Maintaining paint involves scraping off the old paint and reapplying it about every two years.

During a Carolina Beach wood fence install, staining may be a better option for the customer. A stained fence will not peel or chip with age. A stained fence fades as time passes. Since wood absorbs the staining, it will protect the wood against insects, rot and normal wear and tear. Since cedar is a popular wood for fences, staining is better since cedar is not paint-friendly. Both options require to be redone. Reapplying stain should happen about every three years.

Property Style

For a Carolina Beach wood fence install, most people think that to get a variety of colors, they need paint. Staining offers more variety than people think. While staining can darken the wood to match a contemporary yard, a light stain can bring out the natural color of the wood. If they’re looking for a crazier color to match a style, then paint would be best. Remember that neighborhood codes vary with which colors they allow. Contact us for the next project. We’ll answer any questions.