Our Leland Fence Installer Explains How to Keep Birds Off Your Fence 

You just painted your fence—all 150 feet of it. But no sooner do you step back to admire your hard work than a flock of bird descends and, er, defecates all over it. If that’s the situation you’re currently facing, here are some tips on keeping birds off your fence from our Leland NC fence installer. 

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes look a little bit like a bush or spiky plant made out of plastic. They’re an affordable, non-lethal way to keep birds from landing on your fence, by creating an uneven landing space. Bird spikes generally come in two-foot sections and can be nailed, screwed, glued or tied down to most fences. The only drawback is the visuals—bird spikes will make your fence look sort of like it has an interesting hairstyle. However, there are some models designed to look like flowers which might complement your aesthetic a little better. 

Transparent Bird Gel

Most birds can’t stand to set foot on this sticky goop, so if you spread it on top of your fence, they’re likely to move to a more comfortable spot. A standard tube of bird gel will treat an area approximately 10 feet long by 3 inches wide, and one application usually lasts up to 6 months outdoors. Most brands are non-toxic to birds, so you won’t have to worry about harming the environment or violating any protective species ordinances. With all this said, bird repellent gel is more effective for larger birds, like pigeons, than it is for smaller ones. Before making a purchase, do some research on the particular type of birds that are on your property, and whether or not gel is effective in deterring them.

Hawk Decoys

Hawk decoys tend to be very successful, as long as it is a good-quality decoy that looks very realistic. These Amazon reviews give a good idea of what happens when you opt for a cheap decoy. We recommend choosing a hawk decoy over an owl decoy, because most pest birds know that hawks hunt during the day. Most decoys can be easily attached to fence posts, and some even come with a bottom tab that lets you fill the inside with sand, which makes them more stable. 

Sonic Bird Deterrents

Sonic bird deterrents essentially work in the same way as hawk decoys, except they make sounds that scare away birds, like predator and distress calls. The only thing to be aware of is that you (and any nearby neighbors) will be able to hear the calls, too. Birds have the same hearing range as humans, so ultrasonic devices that operate on a frequency humans can’t hear are ineffective. 

Keep Your Fence Beautiful and Strong with Cape Fear Fence! 

We hope that this article has helped you understand several options you have when it comes to keeping birds off your new fence. If you successfully drive away birds, but your fence is looking a little under the weather, our Leland fence repair services and fence maintenance services can keep it looking good as new. If you have an old fence that has been deteriorated somewhat by insects and weather, you might consider replacing it with a new metal fence or vinyl fence option, both of which are impervious to water and insect damage. To learn more about our Leland fence services or schedule a free fence estimate, fill out our contact form here