How to Fix the Most Common Wooden Fence Issues | Leland Fence Repair

Is your wooden fence looking a little shabby? Before spending time and money on a replacement, consider fixing it up instead. In today’s post our Leland fence contractor shares tips on fixing the most common fence problems.

Problem: Weak Fence Posts

Fence posts naturally weaken and rot over time. This is true whether the posts are installed directly in contact with soil, or encased in a concrete footing. To replace a rotten fence post, your first step will be removing the adjacent fence panels. Next, get the old post—rotted end and all—out of the ground. If you have multiple rotting posts, another option is to stabilizing them with steel splints or braces. This can be much easier than digging up a fence post, especially if it has been set into concrete. 

Problem: Sagging Fence Rails         

The horizontal rails that support the fence’s vertical boards will also start to sag over time. Sometimes, fence rails sag because the span between posts is too great, or because the rails themselves are insufficiently rigid to support the weight of the screen. In other cases, sagging is caused by loosening fasteners on the rail ends, caused by weathering. Whatever the cause, you can easily tighten and reinforce sagging fence rails by applying a metal post-rail connector. The steps for this are as follows:

  1. Cut or remove the fasteners that were originally set to hold the rail in place.
  2. Mark the post where the bottom of the rail should join, then nail the connector to the post with galvanized nails or screws.
  3. Set the rail in the connector, and secure it in place through the bottom and side flanges with anti-rust nails or screws.

Problem: Dragging or Non-Latching Gates

Like the horizontal rails, garden gates also tend to sag with weather and age. When this happens, the latch bolt becomes misaligned with the retainer, and the gate won’t latch. In some cases, the bottom of the gate will scrape on the ground as it is opened. To fix this, invest in an anti-sag gate kit which contains a cable or rod with an adjustable coupling, along with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Need Wooden Fence Repair in Leland?

If you notice any issues with your wooden fence, it’s important to fix them quickly, as unresolved structural stressors will cause the fence to break down more quickly. Regular fence maintenance like this is much less expensive than a total fence replacement. If you live in Leland and need help repairing, painting, or staining your fence—or would like to install a new one—call Cape Fear Fence today to schedule a free service estimate.