How to Make the Most of a Small Backyard | Wilmington Fence Contractors

If you’ve ended up with an apartment or house with a small backyard, don’t worry: there are plenty of ways to make your yard a cozy, fun place to be, if not as spacious as you’d like. Interior designers in big cities have been tackling the small-yard issue for decades, and they’ve perfected some tried-and-true tips for maximizing a mini space. Check out a few below from our Wilmington fence contractor. 

Use Minimalist Furniture 

Modern furniture outlets like Ikea have perfected the art of crafting furniture out of a minimum amount of material. While tiny little tables and chairs might not be our favorite choice inside a house, they’re perfect for outdoors. When selecting yard furniture, try selecting items that are as minimal as possible. The same goes for landscaping: you don’t want a 10-foot tree dominating what space you do have. 

Avoid Clutter

If you’re a clutter bug, now’s the time to pare down: the more stuff taking up your yard, the more cramped it will feel. Try swapping a full-sized grill for a mini model, or choosing a couple statement plants instead of 20 little pots scattered about. The types of plants you choose will influence the ambiance, too; look for plants that are small and neat, like aloe vera, instead of sprawling and unruly.  

Simplify The Design  

The “less is more” theme extends into your color and décor choices. Incorporating clean lines and focusing on just one or two colors will help make the space feel less chaotic and overwhelming. When it comes to hardscaping, try to stick with one paving material to make everything feel more cohesive. You might even consider using the same paving material as your front entryway, to further unify the design. 

Enclose The Space 

Fencing in a small space may sound like a bad idea, but enclosing a small space can play up its coziness and make it feel intimate, special and private. A fence can block your festivities from prying eyes on special occasions, and every other day, it can block an unpleasant view, muffle noises, and block unwanted smells.  

If you need custom a wooden, aluminum, or vinyl fence in Wilmington, call Cape Fear Fence. Our skilled fence installers can’t wait to help you build your dream backyard!