How to Dig-Proof a Dog Fence, from Our Wilmington Fence Builder

Birds need to fly, fish need to swim, and some dogs just need to dig. Unfortunately, as much as most of us would love to let our pup engage in his favorite pastime, it will be bad news if he or she digs all the way under the fence and escapes. In order to keep your dog safe and contained, try employing one of the tips below. 

Install an L-Footer Wire Fence 

An L-Footer is essentially wire fencing (or “chicken wire”) that’s placed at the base of your fence at a 90-degree angle (in an L shape). When your pooch begins to dig, the chicken wire will thwart their attempts. Just be sure that one end is securely attached to the fence, and use stakes keep the footer in the ground. For maximum security, you’ll want to bury the bottom of the fencing one to two feet below the ground surface. In terms of aesthetics, L-footers can be concealed by rocks or sod, depending on your preference.

Use Rocks and as a Barrier 

Placing rocks or gravel along the fence line is also a good deterrent against digging. Small rocks should be enough to discourage small breeds, but if you have a larger breed of dog, consider using large rocks, cinderblocks, or even brick. 

Use Landscaping and Plants 

Adding shrubbery, trees, and spiky plants around the fence perimeter has multiple benefits: it can stop your dog from getting close to the fence, improve your yard’s aesthetics, and even increase the value of your property. Trees and shrubs also make it harder for the dog to jump, climb, and see over the fence. Just make sure to do some research and ensure the plants you purchase are not toxic to dogs. 

Use Smell Deterrents 

While this method may not work for all dogs, it’s worth a try. Sprinkle capsicum pepper, black pepper or Tabasco sauce around the perimeter of your fence, especially in your dog’s favorite digging spots. When your pup approaches the hole, they should smell the deterrent, begin to sneeze, and leave the area alone. Reapply every two weeks, and it should learn to stay way in no time.

Upgrade Your Fence 

If you have tried all of the solutions above, and still have a determined digger on your hands, your last and most effective option is to call a fence installation company and have them dig a trench in front the fence and pour a cement footer underground. You might also have a secondary fence installed above ground, a short distance away to from the main fence. The only downside of this is that you’ll lose space in your yard. 

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