How to Grow Vines On Your Wooden Fence This Spring

A fence covered with climbing vines is a lovely feature that can help make your yard more private—but vines can also be very destructive to your fence and yard. Here are some tips for growing ivy, roses or another plant on your backyard fence this spring.

Choose a Vinyl or Aluminum Fence

As vines begin to spread over a wooden fence, they hold excess moisture against the wood, which opens the door for rot, fungus, bugs, and other hazards that can destroy it. The vine’s strong roots can also get in-between wooden fence slats, causing cracks and breakage. For this reason, we recommend choosing a vinyl or aluminum fence for climbing vines.

Avoid Woody Climbing Vines

Unfortunately, woody climbing vines can be as destructive as they are beautiful. They crawl up structures in order to soak up as much sunlight as they can, and hold on so tight that they destroy what they’re clinging to. Fast-growing vines such as hydrangea, wisteria, trumpet vine, and English ivy are all aggressive options which should not be planted near a fence, beautiful though they are.

Best Vines For Wooden Fences

If you already have a wooden fence, and do not have the time or budget for a fence replacement, there are a few options you can choose that will cause less damage than woody vines. Annual vines like morning glory, moonflower, sweet pea and climbing nasturtium are good choices because they are airier than woody vines, which means there will be less moisture trapped between the plant and the fence.

Best Vines For Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences, which are made of hardy, weather-resistant material, can withstand almost anything. Coral honeysuckle and clematis are great perennial options that climb vinyl fences quickly and easily. Both these plants provide a lot of coverage in a short period of time, and can usually span your entire fence within a single growing season.

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