Cedar Fences: The Best Wooden Fence Material on the Market 

One of the most common questions we receive here at Cape Fear Fence company is, “What is the best type of wood for a wooden fence?” Depending on your budget, property size, and fencing needs, the answer might vary. But if you’ve got a modest-sized property and a good-sized budget, the best wooden fence material for your money is undoubtedly cedar. Keep reading to learn why. 

Superior Durability 

Put simply, there are two types of wood that are head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to durability: redwoods, and cedar. Since most redwoods are threatened by habitat loss, wildfire suppression, and air pollution, cedar is now the material of choice for fences, furniture, and anything else that requires strength and longevity. Cedar owes these properties to the same natural oils that make it smell so good: the oils make the wood resistant to decay and insect damage, without any chemical treatments necessary.  

High Stability 

Western red cedar is also highly stable to the point where there is minimal shrinkage when used to build a fence, meaning your fence will stay straight and sturdy for the long haul. The oils in the wood help maintain its appearance—if you ever see a cedar fence next to a pressure-treated pine fence almost a decade after installation, you might notice that the cedar fence has aged much more nicely than the pine.  

Extremely Versatile 

One of the best qualities western red cedar offers is that it is both pitch- and resin-free. This means that it will easily accept and maintain a wide range of beautiful finishes, from dark stains to lightly-colored bleaches. If you want to add an embellishment that will enhance and maintain the fence’s natural beauty, you will have no problem doing so. 

Attractive and Pleasant-Smelling 

As fence installers and repair contractors, we think the above points are great reasons to choose a cedar fence all on their own. But let’s get to the real reason why so many people, ourselves included, love a cedar fence: it’s beautiful, and smells great. Cedar is a gorgeous wood known for its rich grain and vibrant colors, and will add natural elegance to any yard or property. And while some dislike the distinct cedar smell, to us, there is nothing more pleasing than the fresh, clean scent of cedar fence planks. There’s something about the smell of natural cedar that just makes people think of home, of our country, and childhood memories. 

Ready to Buy a Cedar Fence in Wilmington NC? 

While western red cedar usually costs more than other wood fence materials like pine and fir, its extraordinary durability and unique beauty make it, in our opinion, worth the extra investment. In addition, remember that when it comes to wooden fences, a lower grade wood usually means you will need to spend more time and money on fence repair and maintenance. If you’re ready to install a cedar fence in Wilmington, contact us today, and we will be happy to work with you to design a western red cedar fence solution that meets your needs and your budget!