Buying a Puppy for Christmas? Here’s What You’ll Need

If you’re planning on bringing home a new puppy or dog this Christmas, it’s not too early to start making preparations. In fact, adopting an animal is such a monumental life change that it’s actually best to start planning a few weeks (or even months) early. Here are some things to have ready by the time your newest family member comes home to stay.

Purchase Necessary Supplies

Basic things your new puppy will need include a collar and ID tag; leash; food; food bowls; toys; and a bed. You could also benefit from a dog crate; “puppy pads”, a puppy gate, and training treats, but these are not always necessary for every dog. You will probably likely need lots of alcohol wipes, carpet cleaner, and paper towels, so stock up!

Make a Puppy Care Plan

Having a plan for who will walk, play with, train, and feed the puppy will prevent all of the tasks from being dumped on one family member (and therefore prevent the puppy from being returned when that family member is fed up.) If the puppy is going to be a surprise, you obviously won’t be able to work out a schedule with the whole family, but be ready to talk about the who, what, and when of your dog-care regimen, and have some suggestions ready. If your spouse is in the know, discuss with them house rules like rooms that are off-limits, whether it should be allowed on the furniture, etc. 

Make Sure You Have a Fence

Many animal adoption centers make it a requirement for a new dog owner to have a fenced-in backyard. If you do not already have a fenced in yard, research the best types of fences for dogs and order one that will be big enough and strong enough to contain the breed you have chosen. If you do have a fence, inspect it for loose boards and gaps that a dog could easily slip through or dig through, and make necessary repairs.  

Prepare Other Pets

If you already have other cats and dogs, research the best ways to introduce the new puppy to them. Certain cats might need to first meet the puppy through a closed door at mealtimes, while others might be more accommodating. You should also ensure that the puppy is vaccinated before bringing it home. Though most shelters try to eliminate viruses and other diseases, there are always some animals that slip through the cracks, and these can pose a risk to your other pets. 

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