4 Decorative Add-Ons Options for Your Wooden Fence in Wilmington

Have you ever passed a wooden fence with distinct features, and wondered what they were called? You may have even tried to Google a particular design element, but been unable to articulate what you were looking for. In today’s blog, our Wilmington NC fence contractor will help out by listing some unusual finishing touches you can add to your new wood fence. If you need a fence installer in Wilmington, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Decorative Fence Caps  

Many homeowners find the tops of fences, especially the pointed tips of picket fences, to be unattractive and untidy. One way of correcting this is to add a cap top, a 2×4 railing that sits on top of the fence to provide a smooth, finished look. While most cap tops are simple, they can be customized with divots, grooves, or scrolls, depending on the look the homeowner would like to achieve. Cap tops also help the fence last longer, by protecting the wooden endgrains from the elements!

Decorative Post Caps & Bases

In addition to capping the fence, you can also add a decorative cap to the fence posts. Fence post caps are a low-cost addition which add a refined, finished feel to the fence. They can also help extend elements of your home décor out into the yard, creating a sense of unity. Post caps come in a wide variety of styles, including high-point post caps, plateau post caps, ball-post caps, post points, metal post caps, wooden post caps, and more. You can even choose lighted post caps, which add a soft, romantic feel to the yard while increasing its safety.

You can also add decorative trim to the fence post bases. These can either coordinate with your decorative post caps, or be altogether different. When it comes to fence design, the world is truly your oyster!

Boxed Fence Posts

Decorative tops and bases aren’t the only way to spruce up wooden fence posts; you can also “box in” the posts by encasing them in additional panels. Usually, boxed panels are used to disguise metal fence posts, helping them blend in seamlessly with the rest of the fence. However, fence post boxes can be made in any material or color, opening up a lot of options for a totally unique look! You can even cover the fence post boxes with vines in order to add some natural appeal to the yard.

Lattice Tops & Overlays

Lattice work is a delicate, aesthetically pleasing add-on that can add dimension and character to your fence. You can choose to add a lattice overlay, which covers the entire fence; or a lattice top, which lets in light and air while still providing security. Lattice overlays are a great foundation for vines, which will climb up them over time and provide more greenery and natural appeal to the fence without harming the fence structure beneath.

Get a Fence that Fits You Perfectly with Cape Fear Fence!

Whether you’re looking an add-on that will help your fence last longer, or a beautiful finishing touch that will be the talk of the neighborhood, Cape Fear Fence can help. Our Wilmington fence contractors specialize in crafting beautiful, sturdy custom fences that look great and last for years. To get custom wood fence installation in Wilmington, please contact us here.