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The Wilmington Riverwalk Is The Most Breathtaking Walk In North Carolina

The Wilmington Riverwalk is a beautiful reminder of the city’s past and present. It’s also one of the most popular attractions in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Wilmington Riverwalk was originally built as a transportation route in the 1980. Today, it’s more than that; it’s an attraction that visitors can enjoy for both leisure and business purposes. The riverwalk is lined with shops, restaurants, and hotels, making it an ideal spot for tourists and locals alike. If you’re looking for a relaxing walk through one of the most beautiful cities in North Carolina, the Wilmington Riverwalk is the place to be.

The Wilmington Riverwalk

The Wilmington Riverwalk is one of the most beautiful and scenic walks in North Carolina. It stretches for almost 1.75 miles, and it is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. The riverwalk provides a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Wilmington, and it is perfect for a leisurely walk or a bike ride.

The Wilmington Riverwalk is a great place to spend an afternoon wind down after a busy day. There are plenty of benches and tables to sit down on, so you can relax while taking in all of the sights and sounds of this captivating cityscape.


The History of the Wilmington Riverwalk

The Wilmington Riverwalk is a 1.75-mile long, scenic footpath that runs along the banks of the Wilmington River in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. The riverwalk was originally constructed in 1980s as part of a citywide renovation project, and it quickly became one of the most popular attractions in town. Today, the Riverwalk is still one of Wilmington’s top tourist destinations, and it is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in town!

The Riverwalk starts off at the southern end near Market Street, and it winds its way northward all the way to South Street. Along the way, you’ll see several beautiful bridges and archways that give access to various areas of downtown Wilmington. You can also stop by some of the restaurants and shops on your walkway, or take a short break at one of the benches to soak up some local atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something more active than just a leisurely stroll around town, then you should check out the Riverwalk’s many activities and attractions! There are plenty of places to get your exercise on this scenic path – from walking dogs to rollerblading – so there’s something for everyone! And if you’re tired after all that activity, then you can always relax on one of the comfortable benches while taking in some lovely views of the river below.

Why the Wilmington Riverwalk is worth a visit

The Wilmington Riverwalk is a beautiful, wide and paved walk that winds its way through the city of Wilmington. The riverwalk is perfect for a quick stroll or a longer jog or walk, and it’s perfect for people of all ages.

The Wilmington Riverwalk was created in1980s, it’s made up of more than 20 acres of public space that runs along the banks of the Christina River. The riverwalk is open to the public from sunrise to sunset year-round, and it has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

The Wilmington Riverwalk is lined with beautiful landscaping including many trees and flowers, making it a pleasant place to spend an afternoon or evening. There are also several restaurants, shops and attractions located along the riverwalk including Kinston Vineyards Winery and Governor’s Palace Museum.

What to Expect on the Wilmington Riverwalk

If you’re in Wilmington, North Carolina and want to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the state, make sure to check out the Wilmington Riverwalk. The walk spans over 8 miles, and offers visitors a variety of things to see and do while they’re there.

The Riverwalk starts at Front Street near the Market House Theater and heads northward. Along the way, you’ll find iconic landmarks like the Fire Tower and Rodney Square. You can also take a break at one of the many cafes or restaurants that dot the walkway.

One of the best things about visiting the Riverwalk is that it’s completely accessible for everyone. Whether you have mobility issues or not, you can easily enjoy all of its features. Plus, there are plenty of places to sit if you need to take a break from everything else.

The best time of year tovisit the Wilmington Riverwalk

The Wilmington Riverwalk is a must-see destination for tourists in North Carolina. The riverwalk is a 1.75-mile long walkway that winds through downtown Wilmington and offers stunning views of the river and the cityscape. The best time to visit the Wilmington Riverwalk is during the spring and fall seasons, when the flowers are in bloom and the colors are vibrant. The heated outdoor seating areas make it a perfect place to enjoy a warm day out. The Wilmington Riverwalk also offers events such as concerts, festivals, and farmers markets throughout the year, so there’s always something to do.

The Paths on the Wilmington Riverwalk

The Riverwalk begins at the southern end near Market Street and flows north through downtown Wilmington before turning east to pass through University City and ending at Rodney Square. Along the way you’ll find beautiful gardens, sculptures, waterfalls, and more. There are also several restaurants and shopping venues located along the walkway.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or want to take in some of Wilmington’s major tourist attractions, the Wilmington Riverwalk is an excellent option. It’s definitely one of our favorite spots in North Carolina!

The Views from the Wilmington Riverwalk

The Wilmington Riverwalk is a beautiful walk that runs along the riverbanks of the Cape Fear River. The path has been designated as a National Heritage Area, and it’s easy to see why. The views are simply stunning. There are multiple paths that crisscross the river, so you can pick whichever one you prefer. You’ll be able to see both the banks and the river itself.

At certain points, you’ll be able to go down into the water and take a refreshing swim. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to spot some wildlife on your walk. What’s even better is that this path is open all year round, so there’s no need to worry about inclement weather getting in your way.


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