Vinyl Fence Contractor in Topsail

Vinyl Fence Contractor in Topsail, NC

Vinyl Fence Contractor in Topsail

Cape Fear Fence company is proud to be a leading supplier and installer of vinyl fences in the coastal NC region. We supply a wide variety of vinyl and PVC fences, including picket fences, privacy fences, security fences, and post-and-rail fences. If you are interested in residential or commercial fence installation in Topsail, NC, contact our Vinyl Fence Contractor in Topsail today.

Get the Best Vinyl Fencing in Topsail

Vinyl fencing is one of the most durable, versatile, affordable, and low-maintenance fence options available. Our vinyl fences are constructed from sturdy, high-quality material design to last for years to come, and they can be molded into a variety of textures, such as that of real wood. However, unlike wood, vinyl will never rot, be eaten by insects, rust, or decay. For that reason, you will have to spend much less on repairs and maintenance than you would on a wooden fence.

Why choose Cape Fear Fence for your vinyl fence?

  • We install all styles of vinyl fencing, including privacy, picket, post-and-rail, and more.
  • We supply vinyl fencing to residential and commercial customers alike.
  • Our vinyl fences are made of solid, sturdy material and are built to last.
  • Our vinyl fence installation comes with a manufacturer warranty and our own service warranty. If there is anything wrong with your installation, we will make it right at no extra cost.
  • Our professional vinyl fence contractors are licensed, trained, and experienced. Don’t go it alone!

Start Your Topsail Fence Installation 

At Cape Fear Fence, we work hard to make sure our customers receive the fence of their dreams. We would love the opportunity to become your Topsail fence company, and show you and your neighbors what beautiful fencing is all about! 

To schedule your free fence installation estimate today, contact us or click here!