Bahama Shutters Contractor in Topsail

Custom Bahama Shades in Topsail NC

Bahama Shutters Contractor in Topsail

Bahama Shutters Contractor in Topsail

Bahama Shutters attach to the side of your home with a horizontal hinge, allowing the shutter to be opened and closed at an angle. Supporting telescoping arms allow you to quickly raise and lower the shutters in the event of a storm.

If you’re in need of Bahama Shutter installation services in Topsail NC, contact Cape Fear Fence! Our licensed fence contractors can’t wait to help you get the breezy, beachy look you desire. 

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Bahama Shutters: A Versatile Option

Cape Fear Fence installs aluminum Bahama Shutters in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. They’re the perfect way to brighten up your Topsail home while protecting your windows from hurricanes and storms. Once installed, you can simply adjust them to the desired angle and leave them propped open until you decide to close them. They also provide good air ventilation, privacy, and protection from the sun.

Benefits of Aluminum Bahama Shutters

Aluminum Bahama shutters are light, strong, and less expensive than wood or vinyl shutters. They require very little maintenance and can withstand saltwater and other elements. With so many years of fence and shutter installation experience, we are confident that aluminum shutters are an excellent choice for your home.

Some key benefits of Bahama Shutters include:

  • Add a tropical beach aesthetic to your Topsail home or business
  • Make windows appear larger than they really are
  • Articulating louvers offering excellent outward views
  • Can be custom-built for each window
  • Prevent large volumes of air from pressurizing the structure
  • Require no storage space; are permanently affixed to the structure
  • Can be lowered to face storm conditions within a few minutes, by just one person
  • 60-degree range of motion allows greater versatility

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